Projects in different teams
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The Settler Online

A project of the Ubisoft / BlueByte GmbH
Economy-strategic Browsergame in Flash.

Mainly AS3 frontend & layout details implementations.
JAVA backend feature implementations and architecture optimization.
Extending and optimizing MySQL Database architecture.
Work Process optimization. Gamedesign reviews.


A project of the Gameforge Prod.
Construction-management-social-game. ... Farmville Clone.

Most AS3 Client implementations.
Extending small PHP backend features.
Extending MySQL database architecture.
Frontend responsible. Technical evaluations. Work process optimization. Gamedesign reviews.


A project of the Gameforge Prod.
Sidescroller RPG in Flash.

AS3 frontend refactoring.
PHP backend feature extension.
MySQL Database extension.


My workshop and lecture courses

AS3 initial workshop

My workshop about a Flash AS3 & NodeJS multi player game at the Gameforge Prod.
Aim was to construct a Bubble Bobble Online game, which can be played together on Browser.

The client was constructed in AS3.
The server was implemented in Node.js.
These slides supported the work.

Developer soft-skills

A talk about about several best practices in creative working developer teams.
Aim is to optimize the collaboration within team and open opportunities for improvements.
The final effect is to reduce team management costs and raise the efficiency.


Adobe Flash applications. - The (c)Honda motorcycle landing page. My thesis

Final thesis for my media computer science studies.
An AS3 based website framework. The mayorities were the scalability, useability and flexibility of the system.
Several design patterns were used to achieve this. Content was managed through XML only.
The source policy is not open. This is the XML interface documentation.

The site was online for about four years without mayor code changes. Until the former company lost the contract.

Sennheiser supporting microphones

Study project: Flash application for Sennheiser to explaining supporting microphones.

Other programing

Different programs which were created for practice.

POP3 Client

Language JAVA with: Eclipse.
Own POP3 Client and basic email parser.


Language C++ with: GLUT 3, Visual Studio, Installer Creator
An Arkanoid Clone. Created with GLUT Lib but still 2D.
Installer installs the glut.lib into the Systemfolder

3D Animation

Created with Autodesk Maya 8. (compressed)


First 3D render project with Autodesk Maya.

Machine Reincarnation (Version 1)

Second Maya project. With more dynamics, light und textureing. The model took the most effort.


Recording and video cut projects.

The Wetterau organs

Tool: Avid
Study project: Video and audio recording and cut for a small documentation of the organ in Heuchelheim and Reicheslheim.
intentionally low qualtiy.
This cover have been created additionaly.